How to Include or Exclude a Domain from AutoSSL in cPanel?

You can include or exclude your domain from AutoSSL.

If your domain is newly created, wait for few hours so cPanel can automatically install an SSL on your domain. However, if an SSL is not installed on your domain even after 24 hours, first check the last log of AutoSSL from cPanel >> SSL/TLS Status >> Certificate Status.

1. Log into your cPanel account.
2. In the "Security" section, click on the "SSL/TLS Status" icon.

3. Under domains, choose the domain you wish to include and then click on the €œInclude x domains during AutoSSL€ button and your selected domain/sub-domains will be included in AutoSSL.

4. Later, should you wish to exclude your domain, which you included, under €œDomains€ text tick mark the domains you wish to exclude and click on the €œExclude x domains during AutoSSL€ button and your selected domain/subdomains will be excluded during AutoSSL.

Note: Only domains included by you can be excluded. It means you can€™t exclude domains unless they are added in the inclusion option by you.

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