How to retrieve an CSR from cPanel?

If you generated your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from cPanel and forgot your CSR then you can retrieve your CSR. Only follow this tutorial if a CSR was generated from cPanel.

1. Log into your cPanel account.
2. In the "Security" section, click on the "SSL/TLS" Icon.


3. Under the Certificate Signing Request, click on €œGenerate, View or Delete CSR€ link.


4. Under €œCertificate Signing Requests on Server€ text, you can see your previously generated CSR. You can see the Edit and Delete options under the €œAction€ option.


5. Click on €œEdit€ option which is located under €œAction€ option.


6. Copy your CSR code which is located under the €œEncoded CSR:€ text.
Copy the code from



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